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November 22, 2019  

Freud's Collection: Passion, Loss and Recovery Talk by Dr Janine Burke

On the 23rd June 2011, Dr Janine Burke, a writer who has written widely on Freud’s life and legacy told through his extraordinary art collection and his life-long obsession with acquiring antiquities returned to the Freud Museum to look again at Freud’s collections, and to reflect on the 25th anniversary celebrations. She discussed the Freuds’ flight from Vienna and the arrival of the family and the antiquities in Maresfield Gardens. She also discussed Anna Freud’s role as the inheritor of the collection and who became its worthy curator and guardian until her death.

Janine Burke is the author of The Gods of Freud: Sigmund Freud's Art Collection (2006). She curated An Archaeology of the Mind: Sigmund Freud's Art Collection for Monash University and University of Sydney in 2007-2008. Dr Burke is a research fellow of Monash University.

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