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April 13, 2018  

Dr Lisa Baraitser

SESSION 3: ‘Experience’ & ‘Encounter’ in Practice & Theory

Session three begins with each discussant giving a brief, informal talk (10 mins each) on the speaker’s understanding of the two terms ‘experience’ and ‘encounter’ based on the discussant’s practice as a clinician and/or an artist and/or a theorist. ‘Experience’ and ‘encounter’ are two central concepts underpinning the book Clinical Encounters in Sexuality.

Dr Lisa Baraitser is Reader in Psychosocial Studies in the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. She was recently awarded a Collaborative Award (£1.2 million) by the Wellcome Trust for ‘Waiting Times’, a five-year cycle of research with Professor Laura Salisbury, on temporality and care in health contexts (mental health treatment, the GP encounter, and end of life care). She is the author of Maternal Encounters: The Ethics of Interruption (Routledge 2009) and Enduring Time (Bloomsbury 2017), and the editor of A Feeling for Things, a collection of essays on the work of Jane Bennett which is forthcoming from punctum books. She is the general co-editor of the online, peer-reviewed journal Studies in the Maternal, and formerly general co-editor of the journal Studies in Gender & Sexuality (Routledge). She is co-convener of Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics (MAMSIE), an international interdisciplinary research network. She has engaged in training in psychology, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Lisa is a psychodynamic psychotherapist in independent practice, and a Candidate at the Institute of Psychoanalysis, London. She was previously the Artistic Director of an experimental theatre collective known as PUR.

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